Event Management

Creating The Everlast Impression

A successful event depends on establishing clear priorities from the start. Everlast Productions accomplishes this by studying your brand, identifying your target audience, developing your concept, and coordinating your technical aspects. With detailed project management, we exceed goals guaranteeing a successful event.

Pre-Event Planning

With Everlast Productions, careful consideration comes into play when pre-planning an event. From conception to completion, not only do we aim to make your vision a reality, but we aim to do so with ease. Through proper structure and preparation, Everlast is able to easily guide you through each phase of the planning process.

Visual Concept

Our creative team uses 3D modeling, graphic design and other visual elements to create dynamic and engaging images to convey design concepts. We excel at producing strong visual representations which accurately portray the look and feel of the environmental elements.

Custom production and fabrication is one the things we pride ourselves most on here at Everlast Productions. When it comes to the constructions process there are no such things as problems, just challenges and we are always up for a good challenge. With Everlast Scenic clients can rest assured that their design be perfectly executed.
Project Execution
From scheduling a team of experts for the job, to transporting the equipment necessary, setting up and running the production; Everlast makes it a priority to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Witnessing your vision come to life is our reward!