EVERLAST/Mana Wynwood Convention Center RIGGING GUIDELINES

Everlast Productions, Inc. is the in-house exclusive rigging contractor for MANA Wynwood Convention Center. Our primary obligation is to ensure that all rigging is carried out in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. As such, we must approve your rigging design to ensure that it is efficient and that it does not exceed approved loads as established by MANA  Wynwood Convention Center engineers.

Early on in your design phase, sixty (60) days prior to your show’s load in date, it is imperative that you get in touch with us regarding the specific rigging requirements for your event. We are happy and available to conduct a site survey. We will require, thirty (30) days prior to load in, a plot plan showing all lighting, audio, video, and scenic equipment that requires rigging. All drawings must be submitted in VWX, DWG, or DXF format and drawn on the CAD file for the location showing the reflected ceiling and hang point locations. Drawings must have all the weights of your fixtures, cables, motors, and allowable span for your truss. If you are planning on making bridles, we need the tension load calculation per bridle leg. If you cannot create an adequately scaled rigging plot or your design does not meet Everlast Productions’ rigging regulations, one of our staff members will be happy to assist you in creating a compliant plot for an additional charge. All changes after approval will incur another review fee. Any changes on site must be approved by Everlast Productions first and will incur additional review fees. 

An Everlast rigging supervisor is required for the duration of the load in/out to oversee the installation, the number of riggers will be determed by Everlast after we review your plot. All flown equipment and materials must meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines and OSHA requirements. Rigging hardware must be rated for overhead use and forged with WLL. General hardware (nuts and bolts) should be Grade 5 or better. For all décor items, including banners and scenic elements, Everlast Productions requires general construction details, a full materials list, appropriate through-bolted attachment points with a 5:1 minimum safety factor, and pictures of all suspended décor items and their attachment methods.  Any signs or banners over 100 lbs. per point will require motorized chain hoists for lifting.  For manufactured décor items, Everlast Productions may require manufacturer specification drawings. As the sign/scenery/décor supplier, it is ultimately the selected contractor’s responsibility to provide a safe and secure product. The onsite Everlast rigging staff may deny suspending any item that deviates from the information given, specified weight, or is constructed in an unsafe manner.  No rigging is permitted from any parallel chord truss.

Everlast Services are as follows:

            Rigging Point                                          $ 150.00 per point

            CAD Drawing Review                             $ 550.00 per review

            Load Calculations                                  $ 550.00 per drawing

            ETCP Certified Rigging Supervisor     $ 950.00 per day, overtime hours may apply

Additional rental equipment, including rigging, motors, truss and hardware are available upon request.

Contact us:

Email: hello@everlastproductions.com

Telephone: 954-636-9627