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At the beginning of 2019, Everlast Productions had the pleasure of working with one of the biggest companies on the face of the planet McDonald’s. Their McCafe at Home campaign needed an interactive custom-made living room area within a trailer bus, enter The Brew Happier Mobile. The goal of the production was to inspire positive experiences and moments for people who enjoy their cup of joe, along with reminding everyone to enjoy life and make time for small moments, since those are the moments that empower us to take on every day’s challenges.

With McDonald’s campaign goals in mind, Everlast Productions produced a three-walled living room lounge area within a freight truck trailer. The fourth wall was a clear acrylic shield for the public to gaze at the inside of this unique built scene. The whole manufacturing of the lounge area was custom made, from the acrylic wall to the flooring, including shelves, furniture, graphics, and art. The outcome was a warm welcoming living space where any guest could feel as if they were in the comfort of their own home. 

The event took place in Chicago on January 17th and 18th in 2019 at the Daley Center. Here, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the McCafe at Home coffee for free and meet the actor Mark Consuelos. The day following the event The Brew Happier Mobile surprised one lucky Chicagoan by driving them from their home to their workplace. During the commute, the winner had the whole lounge area for themselves and could be seen by the whole city during the trip through the acrylic window wall.

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