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Why Your Next Conference Should Be Virtual

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Since the beginning of 2020, we have seen the workforce adapt to the current state of the world. While essential businesses remained open with limited restrictions, most nonessential businesses shifted to working from home. This created a new age of employment where the majority of labor could be completed by simply having a working internet connection and computer. While this worldwide event created challenges for our day-to-day work activities, it has also impacted the way we connect and interact with our fellow staff members. This has brought on difficulties for companies who hold annual sales events, end-of-the-year parties, retreats, and team-building activities. Without being able to meet in person in a venue typesetting has limited these rather large gatherings to not being able to be held at least not without taking precautions with strict safety guidelines to stop the spread of the virus, which can easily start to add up in cost considering, hiring cleaning staff to make sure the event area remains sanitized, purchasing or renting plexiglass dividers between tables and other gathering areas, labeling and creating social distancing marked areas just to name a few. As the prevention list can go on and on it is clear that holding a live gathering event in this state of the world can be costly, this goes without touching on finding a venue that will be willing to host such an event and at the same time hold the responsibility of any mass spread that might occur even with safety guidelines in place.

Now that we have taken a look at some of the obstacles this new age has brought upon the working world, let us dive into the solutions. As we learned about how costs for holding an event today can add up only by considering safety protocols. When taking into consideration these factors, businesses have started to look for ways to still give back to their employees while still keeping their image and message intact. Luckily here at Everlast Productions, we have been working on creating a full-service virtual event solution for some time now. Having the ability, tools, and skills to produce full-sized virtual events has allowed us to facilitate the message delivery from company executives to their staff. Hosting your next conference virtually opens up the options on how you want your event to resonate with your guests, whether you are pre-recording the show and allowing attendees to stream the event on their own schedule via our streaming platform. Or perhaps you want to engage with your staff by creating interactive features during your live event. These sorts of features can be custom-built by our in-house creative department to fit your unique type of event including, custom website building for your specific event, video, graphics, and animations to name a few. Other options to consider when hosting a virtual event is to know the availability of our in-house studios being opened to hosting your executive staff. You can rest easy knowing our full production staff will be at your disposal even before you step foot in our doors, we carry all the equipment, knowledge, and space to make you feel comfortable knowing your event will be a success from the start, all while maintaining safety guidelines to keep your team and our staff as safe as possible. While we understand that not everyone may feel comfortable being in a studio setting due to health reasons. We can accommodate your event to be filmed remotely from the comfort of your own office, or home. By working together with our video and live productions teams you can count on Everlast Productions in providing the tools and information you will need to get started in filming your presenters remotely. 

 Last but not least we wanted to mention the capabilities and benefits of using a virtual environment to host your event. By having your guests attend the event via a virtual portal, we can display any kind of information virtually on their screen including but not limited to, charts, numbers, videos, products, and even 3D models. All while seamlessly switching between them or displaying them in an interactive format along with the presenter on the screen. Now you might be asking yourself what exactly a virtual environment is? A virtual environment is a 3D built scene where presenters will be transported to when standing in front of a green screen. This 3D scene can be one of our many already created environments, to a custom-built one to match your needs or even using a 3rd party environment that is compatible with our systems. We hope that with this information you have learned something new and are now educated on the benefits both economical and practical of the capabilities when hosting your next event with Everlast Production’s virtual event hosting solutions.

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